Lise Larsen



United States Postal Service
’Letters to Lennon’.

When the USPS launched their Forever Stamp featuring John Lennon, they asked for an idea that would encourage people to write and send more letters.

Forever Stamp.jpg

In celebration of John life and legacy, we created ‘Letters to Lennon’. A walking tour of John’s New York.

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The walking tour consists of 9 mailboxes. When people mail a letter with the Lennon stamp in one of the 9 Lennon mailboxes, they’ll be in for a surprise!



We teamed up with legendary artist Sir Peter Blake – the designer behind The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album cover, and created maps, posters and postcards.

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Uniquely designed posters and maps around NYC raised awareness about the tour, and postcards invited people to take it.

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